4 Easy steps to make organic homemade food for your cat!

Each cat has their own preference when it comes to food, some love fish, some love chicken. Mass market industrial food might not be appetizing sometimes. 🙀 It’s time to make your master happy, cat slaves! ✊✨

These 4 steps are very easy, super organic and nutritious. You can also save it for 3 days (72 hours) after preparation! 👏 Our recipe includes the essential nutrients that cats need daily; proteins, fibers, good fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals. Now you’re good to go! 🍳

🐟 Step 1

Choose 3 oz. (85 g.) of protein (Chicken, Meat, Pork, Tuna, Salmon or Egg). Boiled or steamed without seasoning.

🥔 Step 2

Choose 2.9 oz. (80 g.) of carbs (White rice, Brown rice, Oat, Potato or Sweet potato) Boiled or steamed without seasoning.

🥕 Step 3

Choose 1 oz .(28.35 g.) of vitamins and fibers (Broccoli, Carrot or Pumpkin). Boiled or steamed without seasoning.

🧈 Step 4

Add 1 tablespoon of healthy fats (Olive oil, Sesame oil). 

Chop, blend or mash all of these ingredients together to make it easier for your cat to eat 👍 You can adjust the recipes in accordance to your preference and convenience. Now we have homemade, cooked food with lots of love for your little master! 🙇😻

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