6 Sure Signs Your Pet Fully Trusts You!

Aside from LOVE, an important factor in a healthy relationship is trust. Your pets can express their love and affection for you in a variety of ways, but here are the ways they demonstrate TRUST. 


Ask for cuddles

When a dog is sleeping, that’s when they feel most vulnerable. Even wolves in the wild sleep in a small area as a pack to protect and guard one another. Your little paw friend has that trait too, so sometimes they’ll want to be in your bed. They might even want to cuddle with you to feel safe. It’s an obvious sign that they trust you! So Snuggle up! 

Look for approval

If your dogs keep looking at you from time to time when they’re doing something, they’re  asking for your approval or your encouragement. When these lovable creatures find themselves in unfamiliar situations, they may become nervous or uncomfortable. They just need to know you’ve got their back. They respect your judgment and trust you completely.

Calm when you leave

Leaving the house is one of the hardest parts of being a dog parent. Most dogs suffer from separation anxiety because they are afraid of being alone. If your dogs seem calm and they don’t panic when you’re leaving, it’s because they know that you’ll definitely return. They are sure of it because you’ve earned their trust by coming back every time!


Show their belly

Cat’s stomach is a vulnerable spot for them. When your cats lie on their backs and expose their bellies, they are in a defenseless position. Cats will not lie on their back and show their belly to strangers, people they don’t trust, or other cats. When they do it, it’s because they believe you can protect them and wouldn’t harm them!

Eat from hand

Cats are always very careful, they don’t normally eat straight from strangers’ hands. Few cats might do it if they’re starving, but usually they don’t trust anyone. They are scared of having their food taken away or getting poisoned. That is why if your cat eats from your hand, it is a sure sign that they have a high level of trust in you.

Follow your routine

Cats will not trust something or someone that they cannot predict. You’ll need to be reliable enough by having a consistent routine, both your own and for your cat. For example, if your cat won’t let you trim their nails, try giving them a treat after every nail trimming session. Your little ball of fur will be easier to work with next time because they already trust you (and know that they’ll get those sweet treats!).

TRUST is a very important aspect of a relationship. People often say that you can’t have love without trust. Trust takes time to prove, and there is no one-size-fits-all time frame. Your pet may have had trust issues in the past, or it could be something you’re totally unaware of. In order to enjoy a healthy relationship together, both you and your pets will need to learn to adapt to each other, one step at a time!

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