How to tell your pets you love them in their language!

How do you show your pets you love them? Is it a cuddle session before bed or a kiss every time you get a chance? All acts of love are cute and meaningful, but did you know that pets also have their own ways to show LOVE? ❤️

This is how you tell your little four legged friends how much you love them in their language! 🐶🐱

3 Ways to tell your dogs you love them

Ear rub

Baby talk with your dogs and tell them “good boy!” or “good girl” while gently rubbing behind their ears. This is a great way to show your affection because your dogs will be so happy that their body will release endorphins, hormones that relieve pain and bring happiness! 

Lean on

When dogs lean on you, it’s because they love you and want you to be their comfort zone. It feels like a hug to dogs. If you want to show your love to your doggie and ‘hug’ them in their language, lean on them next time! 

Gaze Softly

Remember every time you reunite with your dogs? Their expressions and gaze in their eyes are always so precious. Try to gaze into their eyes softly in silence to tell them how good it is to meet and love them!

3 Ways to tell your cats you love them

Blink Slowly

Send a loving gaze to your cat and slowly blink. It literally equals a thousand kisses from you! Cats will only close their eyes when they’re around someone they trust. If you do this, they will definitely understand your love letter to them!

Mimic Voice

Cats normally don’t meow at strangers or other cats, except their moms. If they meow at you a lot, so much that you can distinguish their emotions, try to mimic their voice when they meow softly. They’ll know that you’re trying to say “I love you meow!” 

Head Bunt

Cats will head bunt something they love and trust (and want to be the owner). Luckily, it is you they love. Try to respond by bunting your head softly to your cat. It might be a little bit funny to do but they will get it!

LOVE has no boundaries. Even if you speak a different language, you can still find a way to say ‘I love you’ through a head bunt, ear rub, or simply by just laying on them. It requires nothing but your true heart and trust between you and your paw friend. Let’s practice our pet’s love language! 

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