Do pet parents need to microchip their pet?

There was a time when the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration issued a law requiring pet parents to have their pets microchipped. They were hoping that this would help control the stray dog and cat population. But what exactly is a pet microchip? Should all pet parents microchip their little paw friends? MyFriend has answers for you right here!

What is a Pet microchip? 

A pet microchip is an injection of a small electronic component into the subcutaneous layer between a pet’s shoulder blades. The microchip can stay in your pet’s body for the rest of their lives without any side effects. Each microchip has a unique 15-digit identification number. It’s linked to a database that records information in three parts: 

  • The pet’s sex, breed, age, color, or defect, etc.
  • The pet’s name – surname (if any), current address, and phone number.
  • The facility that installed the microchip

If someone finds a missing pet, bring them to a microchip installation center to check the serial number. They’ll be able to identify who the owner is and safely return the pet.  

How to microchip your pet? 

For owners who wish to have their pets microchipped, they can do so at a veterinary facility. They must prepare supporting documents as follows: 

  • Copy of pet owner’s ID card
  • Copy of house registration where the pet lives 
  • Copy of the homeowner’s ID card
  • Pet registration certificate
  • Rabies vaccination certificate, not older than 1 year.

The staff will inject a microchip into the back of your pet’s neck after verifying the authenticity of the documents. They will also issue a document certifying the microchip’s implantation once the process is done.

Is it necessary to have your pet microchipped? 

Generally, putting the owner’s contact information on the pet’s collar is probably more convenient and suitable for Thailand as there are few clinics and vets equipped with microchip scanners. 

But hey, if you’re thinking about taking your pet abroad, to travel or to compete in a pet competition, a microchip procedure may be a good precaution to take to prevent losing your beloved babies!

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