Into the Metaverse: When paw friends come to the Metaverse?!

One piece of evidence that shows that pets are meaningful to our lives is when we try to bring them into a virtual world like the Metaverse with us!

Every time technology evolves, our lifestyle changes too. What about our pet friends? If they come to the Metaverse, how meta would it be? Let’s find out!

Create your pet’s avatar

We’re gonna start by taking your pets into the virtual world. In the Metaverse, you can create avatars for your pets from holographic images and 3D technology images.

Monitored chipped pets via avatar

This is really cool actually. All pet parents will be able to monitor your chipped pet remotely by looking into their avatar. It’s suitable for traveler-pawrents that go for a trip often but are still worried about their pets at home.

Experience pet parenthood without a pet

Some pet lovers are fond of pets but for whatever reasons, they might not be able to have one. In the Metaverse, everyone can have fur babies that can do everything like an actual pet, and more! 

Our world keeps moving forward and not only humans will be exposed to the excitement of the future. If we continue along with pets, a life with ongoing modern technology will still feel lively because of them and their adorableness!

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