Happy PRIDE month! You know that pet loves you regardless of your gender right?

Today, MyFriend would like to introduce a brief history and meaning of the Rainbow or the Pride Flag. Let’s learn the meaning of all the beautiful colors! 😻

The first Rainbow Flag was hand dyed by Gilbert Baker and made its debut at the Gay Freedom Day Parade celebration, San Francisco, 1978. The original flag has 8 stripes, Hot pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Indigo and Violet. Hot pink and Turquoise were removed after, and 6 colored-flag were used until today. 🌈

❤️ Red means life from the color of blood.
🧡 Orange means healing as orange represents fun and celebration.
💛 Yellow means brightness because it’s the same color as a sunshine.
💚 Green means nature from the color of trees, it also represents cure.
💙 Indigo means serenity from the color of the night, it’s calm and peaceful.
💜 Violet means spirit.

Did you know that recently in 2018, Julia Feliz, a Puerto Rican artist, designed the new Pride Flag after Daniel Quasar’s previous flag to promote inclusivity for trans and people of color. By adding more stripes, White, Light pink and Light blue which represent color of transition, intersex and identity outside of gender binary, along with Brown and Black that represent people of color and also people living with HIV/AIDS.

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