Meet MyFriends!: Siwaporn Pengpis, DVM

If your darling kitty cat gets anxious every time they visit the vet, you should know that it’s totally normal. Vet clinics or hospitals are crowded and chaotic. Just the process of leaving the house alone is already too much for some cats but hearing extra noises that they’re not used to, like other pets and people could make it worse. Wouldn’t it be better if our cats can visit the vet without worries?

Today, MyFriend is here with Siwaporn Pengpis, DVM, a pet expert from Chula Feline Center, a very special place for your cat! The Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University (CUVET).

First of all, please introduce yourself.

My name is Siwaporn Pengpis or Dr.Belle. I’m a veterinarian from Chula Feline Center, Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Chulalongkorn University (CUVET).

Why do cats need to have a separate center from other domestic animals? 

Because, just as everyone knows, cats are not small dogs, they are completely different. They are also more likely to feel stressed. We separate them to reduce their anxiety and nervousness, so that we can provide treatments or diagnosis smoothly.

What’s the new health checkup program for cats according to their age that you’ve introduced?  

Normally, we suggest that every cat should have a yearly health examination, vaccination, and tick and flea protection. We’ve also come up with new health checkup programs which were made to pick the right parameters or blood tests that fit the age of a cat. For example, if your cats are older than seven, they might be prone to chronic kidney disease and thyroid hormone issues. We will add these blood tests to the cat’s health checkups.

What are the most common diseases found in cats?

In Thailand, we have different diseases from other countries. Because we have lots of stray cats, infectious diseases are the most common. When stray cats live together, diseases can spread easily. If you can keep your cat indoors or provide them with regular protection like vaccination, it could partially prevent these infectious diseases.

Please tell us more about Chula Feline Center for all cat moms and dads who are interested.

CUVET and Chula Feline Center have new health checkup programs for cats according to their age, that will examine your cat’s health by choosing the right blood tests for your cat’s age. For example, what do we need to check in kittens, or what do we need to see additionally for aged cats. You can register and see more details on our Facebook page: CU Feline Center.

Chula Feline Center, Small Animal Teaching Hospital, CUVET, is another place for your cat to get treatment in a calmer environment, by veterinarians who specialize in cats. So, you can rest assured that your cat will get good treatments!

For today, MyFriend would like to say thank you to Siwaporn Pengpis, DVM, our pet expert friend who was kind enough to spare her busy time to talk to us! Paw you next time!

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