Giant 3D cat on a billboard at Shinjuku crossing!

This fluffy calico first appeared in July 2021 on a billboard attached to Cross Shinjuku Vision building, across from Shinjuku station’s east exit in Tokyo, Japan. 🚂

Normally, this on-screen cat would wake up at 7AM and go to sleep at 1AM before the screen turns off. After this feline became popular on social media, It’s now making more frequent appearances with three action modes.

☀️  Morning cat that appears every hour.

✨ Talking cat that appears multiple times each hour.

🌙  Goodnight cat that appears 30 minutes before the screen turns off.

Don’t be sad if you can’t make it to Shinjuku to witness this giant 3D cat with your own eyes because Cross Shinjuku Vision has a live-stream video of this adorable feline on their YouTube Channel 【公式】クロス新宿ビジョン

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