Happy National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!

There are millions of dogs and cats dropped at pet shelters everyday around the world. April 30th of every year reminds all pet lovers to see the impawtance of all pets in shelters and encourages people to adopt, don’t shop, from puppy and kitten mills or farms.

Pets from shelters are also cute, regardless of their age and breeds! Pet adoption can help not only the overpopulation of domestic animals, but the shelter will also be able to help more stray lives out there. Plus, having a pet can improve your physical and mental health!

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day was invented to raise awareness for people to help support pet shelters. Even though you cannot adopt a pet, you can donate to help with pet food, supplies, and treatments for injured or sick pets.

Shall we go see some cuteness overload from our shelter friends? Doggies from The Adoptable Puppy Cafe and kittens from PAWS Bangkok await. Let’s see!

Thank you to PAWS Bangkok and The Adoptable Puppy Cafe for the cute photos 🐾

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