Oh, cats, they just want to have fun

♬ Someone take a beautiful cat and hide her away from the rest of the world. They wanna be the ones to walk in the sun. Oh, cats, they wanna have fun ♪

Many people still have pet stereotypes in their heads. Dogs love to have fun, they’re not afraid of strangers, and love to travel. Cats, on the other hand, are calm, don’t like any chaos or strangers, and never want to go outside. In reality, certain parts of these personality traits are built since childhood. Some dogs might be afraid of strangers, while some cats that socialize from a young age will not panic when they go on a new adventure!

MyFriend would like to introduce you to a cat that challenges the stereotype of how cats don’t like to go out! Meet “Norisuke” or “Nori”, a little feline friend who is a mix between Munchkin and Scottish Fold. Nori is a cat that his hooman can take out for trips across Thailand without the fear of strangers’ palms!

These are some destinations that Nori has traveled to so far!

Khao Kho See how cute I am in these hill tribe outfits? #ootd 😏

Si Chang Island Mommy! Why is the floor moving?!

Nakhon Nayok Enjoying the cold stream ~

Khao Yai Inhale the Ozone from mother nature. 🌬️

Hua Hin The beach is hot…, but not hotter than I. 😎🏖️

Ryoku.cafe Cafe hopping like a pro.

CentralFestival Eastville Wherever it’s cat-friendly, Nori will be there!

Kanagawa, Japan Now, I’m in Japan!

For meow purr-ents who want to take their cats out, keep in mind to socialize your cat little by little. Don’t force them if they show signs of anxiety, like avoiding, hiding, and aggression. Always have full-on travel equipment, such as strollers, leash, and collar, for travel safety and to avoid a missing cat situation. 😉

Special thanks to Norisuke-san for all the cute photos!
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