FUN FACTS: What does your pet actually think about hugs and kisses!

Did you know? ❣️ Dogs and cats are actually not a fan of hugs and kisses from humans. Most of the time, it makes them feel anxious and uncomfortable especially from strangers 🤔

“Hugging” means taking your pet and wrapping them in your arms. It’s a heartfelt and meaningful way to show love, but due to pet’s very nature, dogs and cats may interpret this action differently. Caving them in your arms could make them feel like they’re trapped with no way out.

“Kissing” requires you to get very close to your pet’s face. This is quite intimidating and threatening in the language of dogs and cats. If your pets are not well-trained, they may exhibit dominance and aggression.

You may wrongly interpret your pet’s intolerance to hugs and kisses as unrequited love from your pets. But the truth is, they do LOVE you. They just have their own ways to communicate. They let you hug and kiss them as much as you want, even if they aren’t into it, because they trust and love you!

However, not every pet is intolerant to hugging and kissing. Especially if they’ve been with you since childhood. If you give these “acts of love” to them from their baby age, they will get used to it. They may even enjoy all of your kisses and hugs because they’ve learned that it’s how you express your love!

By the way, your pet’s reaction to being hugged or kissed may differ, depending on who’s performing these actions. Even if your pet is fine with you kissing and hugging them, they may not be as comfortable if strangers or people they don’t trust do it. It is best to keep your paw friends away from small children’s or strangers’ hugs and kisses. Save them for you only! 

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