Happy National Panda Day!

Pandas are one of the most beloved wildlife animals in the world! They have soft black and white fur that makes them super iconic and they look so cuddly! They’ve been deemed as endangered species for many years due to low birth rates. Even though the panda population has increased in the past years, even changing their status from “endangered” to “vulnerable” in 2019, there are less than 2,000 pandas left in the wild today.

This is a problematic situation, but we have high hopes that the numbers of pandas in the world will continue to grow! So we, and future generations, will be able to appreciate this wonderful creature and the mark that they have on our world!

On a lighter note, we know that you don’t have pandas at home (we really hope that you don’t!), but your furry housemates might share the same color as this beloved black and white animal! How about you enjoy your time with these “Pawda” friends of yours! They may be smaller, but they’re definitely just as cuddly! 

Cats & dogs with similar color combos! 



Cornish Rex





Border Collie

Portuguese Water Dog

Old English Sheepdog

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