6 Ways Pets Show Their Affection

Have you ever wondered how pets show us their feelings, like LOVE? They might not understand hugging and kissing as we do and won’t respond to our love the same way as us. But these are the cute ways they show their affection!


Loving Gaze

Dogs love staring into their favorite humans’ eyes. 👀 It is an easy way to express their love while you are playing or cuddling. Dogs’ brains will release the love hormone, oxytocin, when they are looking into your eyes so that you guys are bonding together.

Lean On

Normally, dogs will not lean on something or someone they don’t trust. If your dog does that, it is a sign that they feel secure and comfortable being around you. Even though they would lean against you when they are scared or anxious at times, it is because they know that you will protect them. 🛡

Give a Present

Dogs, especially puppies, really love to play with their toys. They love their toys very much. If your cute puppies give you a toy, it means that they want to play and are willing to give you one of the most important things in their life. Imagine how much love that is. 💓


Pitch Purrfect
A purr sound is like a vibrating noise that you would hear when your cat is happy. If your cat is comfortable and relaxed around you, they will make this purr sound. It is an international cat language for “I love you”.

Lay On
If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because you can’t breathe, then find a meow laying on your chest, plus staring at you, it is just another way they show love. It can be a little spooky but they just want to say they love you!

Give a Present
Just like dogs, if cats love you, they will give you something too. Cats might go out for a hunt from time to time. They can come back with some toys, mice, and other pests. It might freak you out, but they just want to say, “I found you a present because I LOVE YOU!” 💓

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